Date: March 29, 2013 Category: , Kama Sutra Match & Moan Game Game. Given the brand and the demographic, it’s only appropriate to have a little fun with the content. In the late 90’s, we created an interactive feature called, “Undress Your Date.” With the click of a mouse, site visitors were able to select an archetypal “date” and remove articles of his clothing while reading about the flirty moves that could accompany each step. (In case you’re wondering, the disrobing didn’t go all the way.) Fast forward to 2002, when my team partnered with the magazine once more, this time to create an online memory game built in Flash. As site visitors flipped the cards over, they matched illustrations to text descriptions, racing against a ticking clock. [My roles: Executive Producer, Hearst Magazine Group,, 2002; Producer,,, 1999]