Social Media

Case study: Bengie Molina

Social media strategy, optimization, implementation. Major ramp-up during book tour included real-time coverage across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; targeted outreach; website creation, translating book content into blogs and social media graphics, resulting in 10x growth for Twitter following.

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Impact Producing

Case Study: Prison Dogs

Collaborate closely with filmmakers to tell the story of the film and its larger lessons online, offline, and on social media. Continue the conversation with the audience and stakeholders in the space after the credits roll so that we can work together to make an impact.

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Content Strategy

Case study:

Editorial strategy and development for site relaunch, working with freelance writers and editors.  Collaborated with Bob Vila team and interactive agency to completely revamp the video-rich site’s design, navigation, content…

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Website Redesign

Case study:

In collaboration with design and development and Dartmouth college, repositioned original product from website with searchable database at its core to entirely new, customizable reading and searching application…

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Who We Are


MirskyDigital is led by Jennifer Mirsky, an editorial expert whose work for world-class brands spans print, television, and digital media. Jennifer has led teams in the creation and production of award-winning sites, including those of Hearst and Time Inc., and Meredith, where she served as Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Lifestyle.

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What We Do

What We Do

MirskyDigital works with clients to optimize their websites, create a digital presence from scratch, and leverage best-in-class tools and social media to extend reach.

Who We Work With

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes — start-ups, global brands, individuals, non-profits, hyperlocal sites. We are adept at coaching beginners and adding value to seasoned teams. We know how to collaborate to achieve the best results. You can hire us for a day, a week, or months at a time. Learn about our consulting services and digital media projects.

Why We're Special

MirskyDigital is led by Jennifer Mirsky, a seasoned digital media executive who has worked for the biggest media brands in the world. When you hire MirskyDigital, you are benefiting from this vast experience, now focused on you.

Our Capabilities

Content Strategy 100%
Content Development 100%
Digital Media Coaching 100%
Project Management 100%
Social Media 100%
Website Redesigns 100%


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