Writer: Before It’s Too Late

I wanted to honor my father while he was still alive. And then to preserve his memory after he was gone…

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PD_RW_NJ_Paper_320x240bbModerator: Prison Dogs Q&A at the Reel Voices Film Festival, Ridgewood, NJ

Prison inmates and veterans suffering from PTSD find a second chance at life through their love and care of a service dog.

Guest: THE PERRI PELTZ SHOW on SiriusXM: Women, Parenting and Technology
Guests: Randi Zuckerberg, founder of and host of Dot Complicated on SiriusXM; Ariadne Platero, a family therapist and social worker who works with couples and families in crisis with; Jennifer Mirsky, a digital media expert who works for world-class brands from print, television and digital media.
Part One (20:56)
Part Two (25:10)
Part Three (5:48)

Interview subject: Are We All Braggarts Now? Boasting Epidemic Goes Viral; Crowing Boosts Self Esteem but It’s Annoying

Writer: Is It Time to Break Up With Facebook?
A digital media strategist discusses the latest dilemma in her love-hate relationship with social media: Facebook Timeline
Writer: Is This Chicken for Sale?
ClarkGrebeDance320x240Writer: Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love.